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Part six: closing statements

Any closing statement should be delivered or asked with confidence and an expectant attitude…

•  Would you like to move forward?
•  Are you ready to get started?
•  Can we go ahead?
•  We can start the process today with a credit card, if you'd like.
•  We can deliver it to you by the close of business tomorrow, if you'd like.
•  We can have it delivered by the end of the month, if we can get a signed contract into the implementation department by Thursday.
•  Should I forward a contract so you can get started?
•  Would you like to try it for a quarter?
•  It'll take a few weeks to process and ship the order, so if you're interested in moving forward, we should start the paperwork now.
•  Let's get this off your plate and start the paperwork. What do you think?
•  Let's start the process so you can get onto your other priorities. Sound good?

"I will practice, and improve, and polish the words I utter to sell my goods, for this is the foundation on which I will build my career."
OG MANDINO (1923 - 1996 )
American writer and sales guru

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SALESTOUGH™ ('sAlz - tuf): adjective

  1. characterized by uncompromising determination
  2. resilient
  3. relentlessly prepared, objective and service-oriented

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