Be salesReady™
Be salesReady™

(Be SalesReady™: all statements and responses should be written, practiced and memorized)


• at least two compelling opening statements of value for your prospect in each format
  • in person
  • on the phone
  • on voice mail
  • by email
  • by letter

• at least two different and specific follow-up voice mail messages

• at least five open-ended questions appropriate to your sales world
(see all 30 open–ended questions)

• at least one stock email response for any communication repeated in more than 30% of your sales efforts (can always be expanded or shortened in order to personalize the communication) - areas to consider include:
  • initiating interest
  • follow-up
  • secondary follow-up
  • price inquiry
  • literature or collateral material request
  • appointment confirmation
  • creating urgency
  • closing
  • thank you (business, referral, appointment, discussion, demonstration, etc.)
  • disqualifying

• at least two points of true differentiation from your competitors

• at least one statement that communicates a solid reason a prospect or customer should buy from you now (value/ urgency statements) (see samples, section 1)

• fully prepared standard presentations (for formal & informal presentations)


• at least one response to each of the top three objections you hear from prospects and customers

• at least one response to the "price is too high" objection (see samples, section 2)

• at least one statement to move the price-sensitive prospect or customer to a discussion of value (see samples, section 3)

• at least one statement to comfortably exit a sales situation no longer worth your time (see samples, section 4)

• at least one response to the discount inquiry ("What can you do for me on the price?") indicating a need for something more (or less) from the prospect or customer in order for a discount to be considered (see samples, section 5)


• at least two closing statements (see samples, section 6)

• at least one statement asking for referrals


• proposal templates for each product or service you sell

• contract/ agreement templates for each product or service you sell

• three customer references prepared in all possible requested formats
  • verbal
  • email
  • letter/ fax

• knowledge and/ or list of your company's top five customers (in the event sharing this information has no negative competitive impact)

SALESTOUGH™ ('sAlz - tuf): adjective

  1. characterized by uncompromising determination
  2. resilient
  3. relentlessly prepared, objective and service-oriented

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  • Opening statement guide
  • Networking guide
  • Closing checklist
  • Top 30 open-ended questions for those in sales
  • The classic 1500-word essay on initiative and responsibility, A Message to Garcia

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