Be salesReady™
Be salesReady™

Professionals are prepared. Period.

Little is left to chance with those at the top of the sales world. Opening statements with cold prospects are ready to go at all moments. Differentiating features and benefits are top of mind. Challenges to meeting objectives are predicted and examined. Appropriate responses are prepared and practiced.

If it can be identified, thought through and practiced in advance... it is.

Start with the SalesReady™ checklist for those who sell. Because it's general in scope, you'll find some areas of preparation that may not apply to your sales world and others that may need to be expanded.

While some of these items in many larger organizations can be the responsibility of other departments, the professional leaves nothing to chance. Take full ownership of your preparedness and use what's provided, create what's not, and improve
what's weak.

This is a guideline to examining how ready you are and a thought prompt to fine-tuning your messages and process. If you lead a team, use it as a guide for sales training beyond product knowledge.

It's your sales life. You're responsible for your results.

Dig in. Own it.

Just Sell®.

SALESTOUGH™ ('sAlz - tuf): adjective

  1. characterized by uncompromising determination
  2. resilient
  3. relentlessly prepared, objective and service-oriented

Get the SALESTOUGH™ manifesto by the cofounders of No fluff, no clichés, no jargon.

Included in this book:

  • 8 fundamentals to being SalesTough™
  • Opening statement guide
  • Networking guide
  • Closing checklist
  • Top 30 open-ended questions for those in sales
  • The classic 1500-word essay on initiative and responsibility, A Message to Garcia

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